[rrd-users] Values in RRD are incorrect

Richard Marshall richiemarshall at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 5 12:57:06 MEST 2006


I am using a perl script to select values from a mysql database and insert 
those values into a RRDs. I have had to bulk import historical data (approx. 
30 days at 1 minute intervals), which has gone without a problem. The graphs 
are correct and the values in the RRAs are correct. The problems start to 
come about when I run the script from cron every 5 minutes.

Even though the data from the database is correct, and the values inserted 
into the RRDs are correct, when I fetch the data from the rrd, for two 
fifths of the data the rates are incorrect by a huge factor. I have included 
an example of the data that is being updated into the RRd and the 
corresponding results from an rrd fetch.

                                          1149151620: 3.9444444444e+00 
1.9083333333e+00 1.3888888889e-02
                                          1149151680: 3.6611111111e+00 
2.0555555556e+00 1.6666666667e-02
1149151758, 6974702, 4348279, 34864       1149151740: 2.9861111111e+00 
1.7083333333e+00 3.0555555556e-02
1149151810, 8717127, 5442318, 43698       1149151800: 7.1577206999e+07 
7.1579283687e+07 7.1582759975e+07
1149151870, 8717300, 5442414, 43700       1149151860: 5.5870982906e+03 
3.5078685897e+03 2.8341880342e+01
1149151930, 8717482, 5442515, 43701       1149151920: 3.0083333333e+00 
1.6694444444e+00 1.9444444444e-02
1149151990, 8717646, 5442607, 43702       1149151980: 2.7833333333e+00 
1.5583333333e+00 1.6666666667e-02
1149152050, 8717850, 5442721, 43702       1149152040: 3.2888888889e+00 
1.8388888889e+00 2.7777777778e-03

Tha values on the left are the output of the script values and those on the 
right are the results of the rrd fetch. Each time the cron script runs I see 
a rate of 10e7, 10e2 and then back to the correct values.

Why is this happening and how can I resolve it? Please let me know if 
further detials are required.

(I have attached the values as text in case the columns get wrapped and 
start upsetting the formatting!)


Richard Marshall,
Systems Administrator,
Vibrant Media

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