[rrd-users] Slope Mode

Matthew Kern lists at thekerns.net
Fri Jun 16 07:25:51 MEST 2006

I've got 4 graphs generated by rrdtool graph, all using the --slope- 
mode flag.  Three of them look to be using the slope style rather  
than the normal stair case curve, but one will only generate a stair  
case curve even with the --slope-mode flag passed.

Is there a minimum number of data points required for the --slope- 
mode flag to work effectively?  The particular graph that's not using  
it has one data point every 15 minutes over a 24 hour period.

The command used to generate the graphs is:

/usr/bin/rrdtool graph ../lib/datacom/../../htdocs/graphs/ 
280XV071039311/yesterday.png --slope-mode -a PNG --title 'Voltage vs.  
Power Output (Yesterday)' --vertical-label 'AC Power' --start  
'end-25h' --end '00:00' --height 400 --width 400  --color  
GRID#FFFFFF00 --color MGRID#FFFFFF00 --color BACK#FFFFFF --color  
'DEF:acpower=rrd/280XV071039311.rrd:ac_power:LAST' 'DEF:dcvolts=rrd/ 
280XV071039311.rrd:dc_volts:LAST' 'LINE3:acpower#ffc909:AC Power'  
'AREA:acpower#fbedc6:Total Power' 'LINE2:dcvolts#2f5f90:DC Voltage'

Thanks for any help in advance.

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