[rrd-users] Re: I am trying to work with rrd_* functions in PHP but the my PHP5.1.2 is giving Segementation Fault

Michael Bunk mb at computer-leipzig.com
Wed Jun 21 17:51:18 MEST 2006

Hi Dave,

> > Note also that both bindings produce segfaults with apache 1.3 (a
> > getopt
> > issue). They don't seem to have any with apache2. SO which version
> > of apache
> > do you use?
> This is incorrect, I have no issues with rrd_*() functions causing
> seg-faults under apache 1.3 and neither do many of the people who are
> using the binding I've provided Tobi with.

But I have segfaults with 1.3.34-2, but not 2.0.55-4 (both are Debian 
packages) using your bindings, for example for calls to rrd_fetch and 
rrd_graph. While debugging I don't understand that gdb shows optarg (the 
argument getopt parsed in the last call) having a useful string value, then 
in the next line atol() is called, but apparently with NULL as argument.  The 
string is gone and it segfaults.

Kindest regards,

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