[rrd-users] Looking for a way to combine the data from several RRD files

Jared Gillis jared at corp.sonic.net
Tue Mar 7 22:10:24 MET 2006


I'm in need of a tool, or way that I can take several RRD files and
create a single one that has the sum of the values in the source RRDs.
I'm gathering bandwidth stats from our edge routers (octets in, octets
out, etc), and they should all be a COUNTER data type. I need to take
all of that data from each file and sum it up in a new file.
The need is tied to cricket, I'd like to be able to have Cricket alert
me when our aggregate network edge bandwidth rises or drops to a certain
threshold. Cricket can do this, but not with sum targets, it needs a
single RRD file to reference. Hopefully I can coerce Cricket to work
with a hand-rolled RRD file.

I looked through the archives for this list and saw a similar question
asked before, but the answer didn't seem to address my question, or
perhaps I didn't understand it.

Anyway, any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

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