[rrd-users] Who has the most RRD files (or data sources)?

Mark Plaksin happy at usg.edu
Wed Mar 15 21:20:16 MET 2006

Who has the most RRD files (or total data sources in RRDs)?  How frequently
are they updated?  What do you use to update them?

We are using a home-grown system to update over 20,000 RRD files.  Each RRD
file has a single data source.  RRD files are using a total of 45G of disk

Data collection is separate from RRD-updating.  We used to stuff data into
RRDs every 5 minutes but that just caused the disks to be hammered all the
time.  The machine was still usable but the IO bottleneck caused it to be
pretty slow.  It wasn't swapping.

We switched to stuffing more data points at a time at less frequent
intervals and things are better.  But we really want to stuff every 5

Clearly we're doing something wrong :)  I'm looking for pointers about
making our system more efficient.  While it is possible that our machine
has a poor IO system, let's pretend it doesn't and just talk about the most
efficient way to get data into a large number of RRD files.  We're
investigating the IO system separately.

Besides the size of the RRD files, does the number of rows per RRA impact

Thanks for any assistance!

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