[rrd-users] Re: Who has the most RRD files (or data sources)?

Jason Fesler jfesler at gigo.com
Wed Mar 15 22:22:18 MET 2006

On Wed, 15 Mar 2006, Mark Plaksin wrote:

> Who has the most RRD files (or total data sources in RRDs)?  How frequently
> are they updated?  What do you use to update them?

I can't say how many I'm doing aggregate..  but..  on a single box basis, 
we're updating 2000 files with an average of 10 ds's per rrd file, fora 
total of 20,000 values, once a minute, and we have reasonable query 
performance for displaying data when we need it.

On a server with 8 ide disks, raid 10, 3ware, CPU is usually not the 
bottleneck (except for displays perhaps).  Aveage write wait is about 
3 ms (as instrumented by our collection scripts).  Linux report our 
I/O utilization at 25-30%.

We've pushed it much higher in the past, but that basically made all that 
valuable data.. useless.  Especially when things are on fire and you need 
access to that data NOW.

Our observation  is that as we add rrd files, load goes up significantly. 
Adding more DS's to existing files, much more negligable.  However, adding 
DS's to files, is painful  at best.

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