[rrd-users] Re: Who has the most RRD files (or data sources)?

Peter Valdemar Mørch swp5jhu02 at sneakemail.com
Thu Mar 16 14:41:19 MET 2006

Mark Plaksin happy-at-usg.edu |Lists| wrote:
> We are using a home-grown system to update over 20,000 RRD files.  Each RRD
> file has a single data source.  RRD files are using a total of 45G of disk
> space.

We just migrated our solution from having one DS pr. file to having on
average 100 ds's pr file. About 2GB worth.

That changed the "updating time" from 13 minutes to 12 seconds (on
standard PC desktop hardware)!!!! Load on the machine went from 20 to
0.9 . Having individual DSes each in their own files is *not* the way to
go for performance!

So now instead we've implemented a way to add, remove and move DSes in
and out of individual files using a dump->parse->load cycle.... Parsing
the XML with a real perl XML parser just took forever, so instead we're 
using raw perl regular expressions / string operations. Not GPLed, 
though. If there is interest, I'll ask if it can be released as GPL.


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