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Ford, Andy andyford at AGEDWARDS.com
Fri Nov 3 22:25:59 MET 2006

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> On Thu, Nov 02, 2006 at 12:56:30PM -0600, Ford, Andy wrote:
> > > Then put in -10e10, that should be significant enough :-)
> > 
> > Oh duh thanks, I just realized any negative number would 
> work since my
> > data is all positive.
> Not quite true.  You seem to be forgetting consolidation?

I am! Ok so let's not mess with that. 
I guess with data that's normally small like always under 600, a hugely
negative number would stay negative even with a lot of positive data
consolidatesd in, but that's probably programming by luck. Seems
Now for our next contestant:

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> From: Simon Hobson [mailto:linux at thehobsons.co.uk] 
> How about keeping another rrd file and just put a zero (or something) 
> into it whenever you put anything in the ping-time rrd ? That way, if 
> your collector is down, this new rrd will have nan as well as the 
> ping time graph - so you can simply draw a red block if the monitor 
> rrd is nan, otherwise simply plot the ping time and have a gap if the 
> remote host is down. This monitor rrd would need to have exactly the 
> same sample periods etc as the ping-time one, and be updated by the 
> same script at the same time (or as near as is possible).

Ah Hah! Knew someone had to have thought this out for me. Thanks Simon.
Now the question is, can I use just one "collector-down" rrd for 100
different collectors?
I.e., if I update an rrd designed for 1 update a minute 100 times a
minute, will it be OK?


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