[rrd-users] Strange problem with rrdfetch and time

Luca lucap at staff.virgilio.net
Mon Nov 6 11:17:23 MET 2006


I've just installed RRDTool 1.2.15 and I have a strange problem when I fetch 
data from a database. For example:
# rrdtool fetch db.rrd -s '10:00 11/01/2006' -e 's+1hour' AVERAGE
                            ds0                 ds1

1136970300: 1.6345384767e+07 5.9229078074e+07
1136970600: 1.6006464217e+07 5.8786749666e+07
1136970900: 1.5411392087e+07 5.9037390168e+07
1136971200: 1.6007649805e+07 6.0050387436e+07
1136971500: 1.6412029538e+07 6.0416730221e+07
1136971800: 1.6349688564e+07 5.9429678728e+07
1136972100: 1.5751325910e+07 5.8345693459e+07
1136972400: 1.5715172543e+07 5.7866118991e+07
1136972700: 1.6119961732e+07 6.0148917015e+07
1136973000: 1.6758834871e+07 6.3140401160e+07
1136973300: 1.7025591346e+07 6.2632716411e+07
1136973600: 1.6950475013e+07 6.1384324359e+07
1136973900: 1.6722497369e+07 6.0099960123e+07

Everything seems OK, but 1136970300 is 10:05 and not 10:00.
I have always a 5 min delay beetween my start input time ad rrdfetch output. 
This problem was not present with old RRDTool 1.0.42.

Can anyone help me please?

Thanks in advance for an answer.


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