[rrd-users] Printing data out under the graph with VDEF

Rob Conway rjconway at bigpond.com
Sat Nov 11 07:21:01 MET 2006

1./  My question is when I print the AVERAGE out at the bottom of my graph is this the average for the time scale of the graph ?   VDEF:DEGCavg=degc1,AVERAGE GPRINT:DEGCavg:"avg=%3.1lf%s" \       -see full code below
  ## Aquarium Temperature GRAPH ##
  rrdtool graph /website/degc1d.png --start e-1d --end NOW \
  --upper-limit 32 --lower-limit 10 --rigid  --slope-mode \
  --width 402 --height 200 --title "Temperature" \
  --vertical-label "Degrees C" --interlaced \
  DEF:degc1=/public/aquadegc.rrd:degc:AVERAGE LINE1:degc1#222222:"Aquarium=" \
  VDEF:DEGClast=degc1,LAST GPRINT:DEGClast:"%3.1lf%s" \
  VDEF:DEGCavg=degc1,AVERAGE GPRINT:DEGCavg:"avg=%3.1lf%s" \

2/ IN antoher graph I am calculating MAX values every hour and day.  Is it possible to print the maximum for that day out on the bottom of the graph when the time scale of the graph could be 1 week ?  Does MAX work with VDEF ?

thanks  rob
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