[rrd-users] Re: Help with Bash script to calc end-time in multiples of 300 ?

Rob Conway rjconway at bigpond.com
Sun Nov 19 00:07:47 MET 2006

Thanks for the input guy's

I converted my end time however the generation of 6 graphs still takes 30 
seconds on my 266 mhz processor.  The script below only shows one rrdtool 
graph statement however the other 5 graphs statements are the same.  Is 
there anything else I can do to optimise the graph generation.

etime=$(/bin/date +%s)
etime=$((${etime}/${step}*${step} ))

## Aquarium PH GRAPH ##
rrdtool graph /website/ph1d.png --start e-1d --end $etime \
--upper-limit 8.0 --lower-limit 6.2 --units-length 2  \
--rigid --slope-mode  --width 426 --height 200 \
--title "pH" --vertical-label "PH" --interlaced \
DEF:phv=/public/aquaph.rrd:ph:AVERAGE  LINE1:phv#0000FF:"Ph=" \
VDEF:phlast=phv,LAST GPRINT:phlast:"%3.2lf%S" \
VDEF:phavg=phv,AVERAGE GPRINT:phavg:"avg=%3.2lf%spH      " \
--watermark "Aquarium PH Graph"

Above is generated another 5 times 

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