[rrd-users] Re: Performance (Was: Help with Bash script to calc end-time in multiples of 300 ?)

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Tue Nov 21 15:04:49 MET 2006

Alex van den Bogaerdt wrote:

>  > Apart from which, the text underneath the graphs already runs out of
>>  room at 600 pixels wide ! So I've got (IIRC) 25hr x 5min, 12 1/2d x
>>  1/2hr, 50d x 2hr, and 300d x 12hr - strange periods indeed, but
>>  that's what the data happens to come out at.
>25 hours in stead of 24 hours. This means the width is 300 pixels where
>I used 288 pixels. Given the rest of the example, I guess you may
>actually be looking at 50 hours (600 pixels)?

No, you're right, it's two pixels/sample - I was starting to run out 
of energy when working this out yesterday !

>You don't have to display all legend text on one row. I often do this:
>                min     avg     max
>bytes in:     1.23    5.67k 123.45M
>bytes out:   10.12   10.12k  10.12M
>errors in:    0.00    0.50   10.12
>errors out:   0.00    0.50   10.12
>[and so on]

Not too useful when you have a table like this :

Address        In          Out
             Avg   Max   Avg   Max
x.y.z.1     n.n   n.n   n.n   n.n   foo.domain.com
x.y.z.2     n.n   n.n   n.n   n.n   foo.domain.com
x.y.z.254   n.n   n.n   n.n   n.n   foobar.domain.com

It can be damn hard working out which coloured area is which though, 
there just aren't 200+ distinct colours to use !

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