[rrd-users] Re: Q: Dynamically graphing only DS's with data out of an RRD?

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Wed Nov 29 20:02:30 MET 2006

Rivera, Edwin R wrote:

>I have an RRD database set up with about 100 DS's defined; one for each
>error-code I'd like to graph.
>My question is: Say over a given period of time, only 10 of the 100
>possible error codes are recorded (let's assume the other 90's are all
>set to U), is there a way to call `rrdtool graph ...` so that it would
>only graph the datapoints that have values other than U in the rrd db?

You mean, ds's with no data won't show on the graph ?

If you are plotting lines, then the simplest thing is to plot them 
all, then any that are unknown values will simply not be plotted.

However, if you mean that you only want certain ds's to be plotted 
and shown in the accompanying legend, then you'd have to so two runs 
- one to extract information on which ds's hold data, and then a 
second one to plot only those ds's.

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