[rrd-users] Dynamic HRULE?

Cedric Lejeune cedric.lejeune at arcelor.com
Fri Sep 1 18:47:26 MEST 2006

Hi list!

I've a problem trying to draw a straight line of the maximum value ever
found in an archive for a particular DS. I'm playing with rrdtool to
graph some spamassassin statistics (you know, bosses always prefer eye
candy graph...). I can feed my round robin database and retrieve/graph
desired values, but I'm unable to retrieve the maximum value ever
feeded. For instance, I've a rrd which contains the number of
spamassassin processes running. I'd like to graph processes number
evolution and the maximum number of processes ever reached as a reference.

|----------------------- <- max ever found
|          _
|  __     | |_     _
|_|  |    |   |___| |___ <- "current" processes
|    |____|

This is my rrd definition:

rrdtool create spamd.rrd --start $(($_NOW - 1))
DS:spamdProcesses:GAUGE:360:0:U RRA:AVERAGE:0:1:105408
25:288:366 RRA:MAX:0:1:105408 RRA:MAX:0.25:12:8784 RRA:MAX:0.25:288:366

I'm using several RRA for time resolution (unmodified, 1 hour, 1 day). I
keep data over an year.

When retrieving MAX data, the "max" line follows the "current" line.
Even at the lower resolution, I have not a straight line... What I'd
like to do is a kind of HRULE, but with a value retrieved from my rrd.

I'm using 1.2.11-0.6 (Debian package).

So anyone can help me? Does anyone have a working example?

Thanks for reading and for your help.


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