[rrd-users] Compile error: can't find freetype2

dima dima at scancom.es
Fri Sep 1 23:40:06 MEST 2006

Hello, everyone.
I'm trying to compile rrdtool-1.2.15 from source on Kubuntu Dapper.

CPPFLAGS="-I${GLOBALDIR}libart_lgpl/include/libart-2.0 -I
${GLOBALDIR}libpng/include -I${GLOBALDIR}freetype/include/freetype2"
LDFLAGS="-L${GLOBALDIR}libart_lgpl/lib -L${GLOBALDIR}/libpng/lib -L
export LDFLAGS
./configure --prefix=$PREFIX

The error I'm getting is:
checking for FT_Init_FreeType in -lfreetype... yes
checking ft2build.h usability... no
checking ft2build.h presence... no
checking for ft2build.h... no
checking for pkg-config... no
configure: WARNING:
* I could not find a working copy of freetype2. Check config.log for
hints on why
  this is the case......

       LIBS=-lpng -lz -lart_lgpl_2 -lm
   LDFLAGS=-L/usr/local/libart_lgpl/lib -L/usr/local/libpng/lib
-I/usr/local/libpng/include -I/usr/local/freetype/include/freetype2
-I/usr/include/libart-2.0 -I/usr/include/freetype2

Freetype is installed in /usr/local. Version 2.2.1 (I've tried 1.1.10
too)Please, help me to resolve this.
Thanks in advance for your answers.

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