[rrd-users] Ignoring some datasources when calculating upper-limit

Bernhard Schmidt berni at birkenwald.de
Sun Sep 3 18:19:18 MEST 2006


I'm trying to graph an unidirectional shared bandwidth link which
basically has three attributes associated:


Octets show the real throughput through the link, while cir and burst
are associated QoS bandwidth parameters. I want them to have in the same
graph as single lines. We have however several links where the used
bandwidth is less than 10% of the burst rate. When I just add those
datasources as lines the graph is automatically y-scaled to an extend
where the distribution of the traffic is not easily visible anymore.

What I'm looking for is an option to base the scaling of the y-axis on
the octets datasource only, but draw the line for cir or burst as well
_if_ it is within the computed y-axis area. If it is not in there, it
should be ignored. That behaviour would be similar to the old MRTG Max
option, but since it can and will change over time I'd like to keep
this data in the rrdfile and graph it just like anything else (so
HRULE/LINE is probably not usable).

Is there an option for that? Or is there an easy/fast way to get the
calculated maximum from a dummy run of rrdtool so I could use that value
to set rigid max in the real run?

Thanks for all answers,

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