[rrd-users] Re: Multi threaded Perl scripts using RRDTool

Richard Burton richard at atomwide.com
Thu Sep 7 13:04:55 MEST 2006

Hi there

Wonder if someone can explain this error for me.

I have written a perl script which updates the rrd files, but waits
until it has 10 entries before it writes to the rrd file. Its generally
working although occasionally I get the error

RRDTool Update ERROR: reading the cookie off
e:/snmp-poller/ faild

Does this mean the perl script cannot get a lock on the file for some
reason? Its not multi threaded so am scratching my head a bit as to
understand why I would have file locking errors if this is indeed the




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> Hi Tobi and Alex
> Thanks for the advice, I think I will go down the route of 
> running several updates to a single file and see how much I 
> can speed things up by. My polling interval is 60 seconds so 
> I'm thinking updating the rrd files every 10 minutes.
> Thanks once again for the help.
> Richard

> > Hi Richard,
> > 
> > note that rrd updates are normally io-bound. running several
> > updates in parallel does not help it can even make things worse ...
> > 
> > adding faster disk and more memory will help ... also rescheduling
> > the updates, so that you can do several updates to a single rrd
> > file will help to.
> > 
> > cheers
> > tobi


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