[rrd-users] Install Problems on OS/X 10.4

Doug Kaye doug at rds.com
Wed Apr 25 23:30:36 CEST 2007

Thanks for the help, Sam.

Bottom line, I've been able to get RRD working on OS X. Took a while  
though. Getting some libraries using Fink was easy, but I couldn't  
convince configure to find them. But I got past that. Unfortunately,  
there's no binary for RRD available via Fink.

By following the steps literally and working through the diagnostic  
messages *very* carefully, I got it built. Now on to the applications!


On Apr 23, 2007, at 6:25 PM, Sam Umbach wrote:

> Doug,
> Looking at the top of pnggccrd.c, it says " For Intel x86 CPU
> (Pentium-MMX or later) and GNU C compiler."  Try using
> scripts/makefile.darwin and see if this resolves the problem.  I can't
> believe how bad the build system is for such a widely used library.
> Another option is to use libpng (and rrdtool) from fink.  Very nice
> people have put together a comprehensive library of tools for OSX
> distributed via the fink system.  If you haven't used it, check it
> out.  It will probably save you a lot of headaches getting everything
> to build on OSX.
> -Sam

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