[rrd-users] time as a counter?

Grant Kelly gkelly at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 21:57:28 CEST 2007

Perhaps I was unclear. I only want to graph "last time we got data", as this
should increase every ten minutes. I want to make a graph that shows when
this doesn't increase, and highlight areas where it doesn't increase for a
certain threshold of time. This appears possible with rrdtool, to me at

For example, imagine data like this:

time           |     updated
04301210  |    04301140          ( Apr 30 at 12:10PM, the most recent data
is 11:40AM)
04301220  |    04301150          ( Apr 30 at 12:20PM, the most recent data
is 11:50AM)
04301230  |    04301150          ( ten minutes later, the most recent data
is still 11:50AM, unchanged)

Could rrdtool handle this?


> I would suggest that if all you want is "last time we got data" then
> rrdtools are not the best way to do it
> If you are plotting something that comes out of the weather stations
> (for example temperature) and only update an rrd database when you
> have data, then you will naturally get a gap in the graph.
> If you did plot time, then you would also find yourself with a gap
> (whether you plotted 'time' as an increasing number, or 'rate of
> change of time' as a straight horizontal line).
> In both cases, this is because when you miss data, the rrd will end
> up containing NAN (Not A Number) and the graphing will (by default)
> not draw a line at all.
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