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some more news about this please ?

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i tried to install the rrdtool from the sunfreeware site for solaris 10 sparc,

it succeeded (as well tried the binary isntallation as the compiled one, they both succeeded)

but according to the people of munin (see below) i need the rrdtool with the perl bindings (RRDs.so,...)

they dont seem to be installed with the installation of the rrdtool from sunfreeware,

any idea about this ??


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On Thursday, 2007-08-09 at 14:03:00 +0200, Van Camp Jan wrote:

> i newly installed the rrdtool once with binaries and once with the compiled source ,

> but neither installation produced a RRDs.so file ??

> Installation of <SMCrrdt> was successful.

Aha! Solaris. On Solaris, you don't need a find to check 	files
installed by a package. Just grep /var/sadm/install/contents.

> i downloaded the rrdtool from the sunfreeware site,

I vaguely remember that RRDtool doesn't install the Perl bindings by
default, and sunfreeware probably didn't package them. But I'm in no way
an RRDtool expert. You better ask for help on the RRDtool mailing list
(assuming such a beast exists...).

You said you also tried to install from source? Did the installation
instructions give no hint how to get the Perl bindings?

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