[rrd-users] Problem with different architectures

Fredrik Wänglund fredrik at n-mental.com
Thu Aug 23 13:24:24 CEST 2007

I have a setup where i run RRDTool on remote devices that measures and 
collects various data. The rrd-files are then rsync'ed regulary to a 
central server whith a web-interface for presentation.
Now i am testing a new remote device, an ASUS WL-500gp with OpenWRT 
KAMIKAZE (7.06) and RRTTool 1.2.11-1.
the problem is that I can't use the rrd-files on the central server 
because they '.. was created on other architecture'.
I know I can dum the rrd's on the remote machine to XML and den restore 
them on the central machine, but the ASUS-device has limited CPU-power 
and I dont want to put any more load on it. Is there any way to convert 
the rrd's on the central machine?


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