[rrd-users] Problem with different architectures

henrik-rrdusers at hswn.dk henrik-rrdusers at hswn.dk
Thu Aug 23 16:12:31 CEST 2007

> I have a setup where i run RRDTool on remote devices that measures and 
> collects various data. The rrd-files are then rsync'ed regulary to a 
> central server whith a web-interface for presentation.
> I know I can dum the rrd's on the remote machine to XML and den restore 
> them on the central machine, but the ASUS-device has limited CPU-power 
> and I dont want to put any more load on it. Is there any way to convert 
> the rrd's on the central machine?

In the end, you want to have the data stored in RRD files, which are
stored on the central machine where you do the web stuff.

So instead of sending the RRD files across with rsync, why don't you
just send the updates acress and keep the RRD files on the central
server at all times ?

I'm guessing now, but it sounds like you have a script running on the
ASUS device which goes something like


   # do some data collection

   rrdtool update mydata.rrd "$MYRRDUPDATEDATA"
   exit 0

Instead, I'd just dump the "$MYRRDUPDATEDATA" to a file - remember to use
the real timestamp instead of just "N" in the beginning of the data.
You can then run something (rsync, a script) to move this file and flush it 
from the ASUS device over to the central server, and run the "rrdtool update" 
commands on the central server.

That avoids the architecture problems you have now, and I think you'll
also end up moving less data across the VPN link between the two


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