[rrd-users] RRDs and concurrency

Sogandares, Frank M. fsoganda at mitre.org
Mon Aug 27 23:54:38 CEST 2007

RRD looks like a great tool! The documentation is great, and the
toolset appears to be very powerful. I'm stoked about using it. I have
a couple of questions:

1] Is there any search capability for this list?

2] One writer, multiple readers. While I am xporting data from an RRD
(reading), ganglia is streaming data into that same RRD (writing).
ganglia/gmetad is *always* writing to the RRD, and my application will
always be reading from it. I want to assume that this behavior is safe
and that the xport will not be corrupt (gmetad and the ganglia
webserver work A-OK... so it seems safe)

Is this assumption safe? If not, how do people work around it.

3] Multiple concurrent writers to a single RRD. I'll assume this is
near-criminal behavior. Is this correct? Does rrdtool or the rrdlibes
support this kind of funny business?

Thanks very much


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