[rrd-users] Generated graph does not show the pdp at exact y-axis point

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Tue Aug 28 14:44:30 CEST 2007

Shedi Shedi wrote:
>i'm running the following set of commands. When the graph is 
>generated PDP whose value is 6 is shown on Y-axis at point 5.5 and 
>not 6.
>rrdtool create msgmgr_basic.rrd --start 1188287728 --step 60 
>DS:recdsuccess:GAUGE:120:U:U RRA:LAST: 0.5:1:1440
>rrdtool update msgmgr_basic.rrd 1188287788:1
>rrdtool update msgmgr_basic.rrd 1188287848:2
>rrdtool update msgmgr_basic.rrd 1188287908:3
>rrdtool update msgmgr_basic.rrd 1188287968:4
>rrdtool update msgmgr_basic.rrd 1188288028:5
>rrdtool update msgmgr_basic.rrd 1188288088:6
>rrdtool update msgmgr_basic.rrd 1188288148:2
>rrdtool update msgmgr_basic.rrd 1188288208:2
>rrdtool update msgmgr_basic.rrd 1188288268:1
>rrdtool graph msgmgr_basicrecd_stats.png --start 1188287728 --end 
>1188288268 --watermark ivems --alt-autoscale --title "iVEMS-Message 
>Manager [Received Messages] " --vertical-label "No. of Messages" 
>"LINE2:recd_success#0033FF:Received Success"
>I'm new to rrdtool and not sure what i'm doing wrong.Any hints!

What you are doing wrong is NOT reading the available documentation ! 
You will not, ever get a value of 6 as output from that series of 

Go read http://www.vandenbogaerdt.nl/rrdtool/process.php then you'll 
see what's wrong. You'll also find that this is 'done to death' 
fairly regulalry in the mailing list archives.

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