[rrd-users] RRD with Perl bindings on Sun (Was: RRDs and concurrency)

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Fri Aug 31 20:54:29 CEST 2007

Van Camp Jan wrote (directly to Tobi) :
>Hello Sir ,
>i would like to ask a question to you directly ,
>already tried the general forum ,
>i am trying to install a freeware monitoring tool munin which is 
>perl based on a solaris 10 system ,
>this tool uses rrdtool for its graphs ,
>now : the problem is , i only found a compiled rrdtool without the 
>perl bindings on the sunfreeware site ,
>would you know of a site that offers the rrdtool with perl bindings ?

How is that question related to RRDs and concurrency ?

Is is considered impolite to hijack a thread for several reasons, mainly :

1) The messages normally carry headers identifying the thread, so 
even if you change the subject (which you couldn't be bothered doing) 
then many mail readers and/or archive packages will thread you 
question in with another totally unrelated thread.

2) It confusing for people to have to deal with unrelated questions 
in a thread - especially when you can't even be bothered to set the 
subject to something appropriate.

You should start a NEW thread by creating a NEW message to the list 
address. Do NOT reply to an existing list message and just change the 
subject unless you know enough to remove the thread headers (which 
you clearly don't). All you have to do is copy the address, hit the 
keyboard shortcut for new message (or click the relevant 
button/menu), and paste the address. Most mail agents will allow you 
to just type the first few characters of the address and it will fill 
in the rest so you could just hit "new message" and start typing 
rrd... to get the address.

Ignoring these matters implies that you value your own time much more 
than that of the people you are asking for help - is that the best 
way to persuade them to spend their under valued time to help you ?

Oh yes, and it's also considered bad form to write direct to a single 
person (even if you did copy it to the list). There are many people 
on this list apart from Tobi who could help you with your problem.

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