[rrd-users] showing elapsed time on horizontal axis

Christiaan Ottow chris at 6core.net
Mon Dec 3 12:01:22 CET 2007

Hi everyone,

I'm using RRDtool to monitor a few servers I use for a research  
assignment as part of my study. I run tests on these servers, and  
afterwards I use the graphs generated by rrdtool to see if any of the  
servers was reaching a bottleneck in disk activity, load or network  
throughput. These graphs show the activity in each of these values for  
the past hour (or two).

However, since the exact time is not important when using rrdtool in  
this way, I would like the labels on the horizontal axis to be the  
time elapsed since the graph-start. When I use the last 7200 seconds  
to create the graph, I'd like the horizontal axis to begin labelling  
at 0, and end at 7200 or even better, 2h.

I couldn't find any examples of this, but I hope it is possible. Can  
you guys help me out?

Best regards,

Christiaan Ottow

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