[rrd-users] Area in different colors

Simone Felici s.felici at alpikom.it
Tue Dec 4 16:18:23 CET 2007

 >Create 5 CDEFs, each acting on its own range.  For instance:
 >20 and less: CDEF:C1=value,20,LE,value,UNKN,IF
 >20-40:       CDEF:C2=value,20,40,LIMIT
 >40-60:       CDEF:C3=value,40,60,LIMIT
 >60-80:       CDEF:C4=value,60,80,LIMIT
 >80 and more: CDEF:C5=value,80,GE,value,UNKN,IF
 >Each CDEF is unknown if it is outside the specified range.
 >Now plot them:
 >You can make it more complex, using a lot of if-then-else, you can
 >stack area's upon the previous one, etc.  But these are the basics.
 >Alex van den Bogaerdt

Hi Alex!

It's not exactly what I would create.
This creates a graph with different colors, but where the values goes over 60 (in example), it takes the same color from 0 to over 60 and not 4 
different colors.
I would like someting like this:


It's shown into RRDTool Gallery.

I ASCII something like this:

100|        C
080|      BBBBB     BB
060|     AAAAAAA    AA
040|    ZZZZZZZZ    ZZZZ    Z

hope the ASCII will be shown correctly afer sending the mail ;)

Any Ideas?



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