[rrd-users] Area in different colors

Simone Felici s.felici at alpikom.it
Tue Dec 4 16:55:47 CET 2007

Alex van den Bogaerdt ha scritto:
> On Tue, Dec 04, 2007 at 04:18:23PM +0100, Simone Felici wrote:
>> Hi Alex!
>> It's not exactly what I would create.
>> This creates a graph with different colors, but where the values goes over 60 (in example), it takes the same color from 0 to over 60 and not 4 
>> different colors.
> This issue comes up every now and then.  Several examples are shown
> on the mailing list, please have a look in the archives.
> Also see the other response you just got.
Ok, thank's anyway...
search form is not the best one, bwt
thank's to all, I'll look forward myself.
Bye, Simon

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