[rrd-users] RPN Confusion

Simone Felici s.felici at alpikom.it
Wed Dec 5 16:21:40 CET 2007

Simone Felici ha scritto:
> Hi!
> Ok, maybe discussed into archives, but I cannot find any solution.
> Now I want to understood the RPN syntax to write my own graph with different colors.
> I'm at this point... trying to determinate a stack value.
> in example, changing color every 20 units.
> The first CDEF is ok (0-20), it's an area:
> C1=ds,20,GE,20,ds,IF
> also if ds>20 then C1=20, else C1=ds. And this goes to AREA
> Until here, OK!
> The second will be a stack (20-40).
> if ds>40, then C2=20, elseif ds>20 then C2=ds-20 else C2=0
> The last it's a stack too:
> if ds>lastvaluelimit, then Cn=ds-lastvaluelimit, else Cn=0
> I cannot write it into RPN, have no idea how to set elseif and make operations to variables only in the else case.
> I've read the tutorial, it's not discussed how use multiple IF
> Please :(

Solved.... sorry for the mail ;)

middle stack:

The lasta stack it's ok too:

Now I've to check eventually UNKN values ;)



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