[rrd-users] Multiple CFs in a fetch?

Richard D Alloway ralloway at winbeam.com
Tue Dec 18 17:25:04 CET 2007


I'm trying to find an easy way to do multiple consolidation functions for a 
data set.

An example of the type of data I'm working with is service success and 
response time.  The success is stored as a percentage of successes during the 
testing period and the response time is stored as the average in milliseconds. 
So, I need the minimum success and maximum response time for an interval.

As far as I can tell, in order to get the MIN of one DS and the MAX of 
another DS, I need to run fetch once for each CF.

Is there another way so that I can run one fetch on a rrd file?

BTW, the example above is a simplified example.  I'm actually working with 
quite a few DSs per RRD.



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