[rrd-users] Aberrant Behavior Detection

Livio Zanol Puppim livio.zanol.puppim at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 17:34:32 CET 2007

Hi folks,

I wanna know where can I find informations on how to create/update/graph
this kind of RRAs... I've found too few informations on the
rrdtool/rrdcreate homepage...

How must I update this kind of RRD? What I have to do to create the graph
with the values? What each one of the values represents for me in a graphic?
Where can I see examples of theese types of graphics working? What kind of
data can be used with the algorithm? (CPU, Traffic, Memory, Erros, Discards,

I've tried to create a graph using an machine CPU utilization...

Fetching the RRAs from the RRD I've discovered that:
CPU Utilization was changing
HWPREDICT was changing
DEVPREDICT always have NaN
FAILURES always ahve 0 (ok :0)

What must I do?

Thanks any advice,
Lívio Zanol Puppim
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