[rrd-users] RE : Re: newbie's bugged graph

Guennoc Bernard bernardguennoc at yahoo.fr
Sat Feb 10 13:59:44 CET 2007

<..>>rrdtool graph test.png -s 1157657660 -e 1157657665 
>DEF:1=test.rrd:C1:AVERAGE "AREA:1#FF8000:1"
>Run under windows the script produce a rigth graph,
>but under linux it plots a flat line of value=1,

My guess is that it is taking the "1" as meaning the value 1.0 
instead of a variable named "1" - try changing that to something with letters in it and see what happens.
Oups..  I chose to use successive numbers because I couldn't put around 20 mac  addresses on a single line. I will use A,B
 instead and will test  tomorrow.
  Thank you for your quick answer and for it not being an RTFM  ;o)You guessed right, it works when numbers are changed to letters.
    Thank you very much.
    But now I have another problem, the script works for small pcap files  but is too long for big ones, the browser display "server not  responding" before the page arrives...
  Anyone knows if this timer can be controlled by the server?

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