[rrd-users] Historical TOTALS instead of AVERAGE

Mike Sturdee sturdee at pathwaynet.com
Tue Jan 23 18:11:40 MET 2007

I am looking to graph some call data, with either the total number 
of calls over 5 minutes put in rrd (or update the rrd each time a call
arrives, if possible) and then for each 5 minute increment, plot
the number of total calls in that time on the graph..

While that part doesn't seem to difficult, in the historical 
"weekly - 30min avg", "monthly - 2hour avg", etc, instead of being an
average over 30min, 2hour, etc, i would like to graph the sum total for
calls per "30min, 2hour, etc" time period..

Is this at all possible with rrd?



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