[rrd-users] Re: timestamp in rrdgraph pictures

rrd-users at gulu.net rrd-users at gulu.net
Wed Jan 24 10:48:41 CET 2007


> *> I would like to have a timestamp (human readable form) in a picture created
> *> by rrdcgi, so I can print the .gif and know for which day it is.
> use 
>     RRD::TIME::NOW strftime-format
>              This gets replaced by the current time of day. The
>              time is strftime-formated with the string specified
>              in the argument.
> in a COMMENT: parameter of the RRD::GRAPH tag

That works quite well.
Another hint is to remove "--lazy" before trying things out, in order
to get fewer "this doesn't change anything" results. ;)

My last question for today:
With "\l" and "\r" I can get left or right aligned things in the legend,
but every "\l" does a "newline", so I cannot use both in the same line.
Is there a thing like \hfill ?


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