[rrd-users] Re: Graph data is affected by the size of PNG image

Dan Cech dcech at phpwerx.net
Thu Jan 4 17:26:29 MET 2007

Alejandro Galue wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using rrdtool 1.12.15, and I have problems with image resolution and 
> the data showed in graphs.
> I attached two graphs as example:
> Graph 1
> http://lists.ee.ethz.ch/p/03-g1.png
> Graph 2
> http://lists.ee.ethz.ch/p/03-g2.png
> The real data is showed on "Graph 2" (the big one); but "Graph 1" (the
> small one) shows non valid data.
> If you see Graph 1, almost all peaks dissapears from graph.
> I used "reduce=MAX" on DEF lines but this does not work.

You need to provide us with more background on the structure of the rrds
and the graph commands.

My guess would be that you are using reduce=MAX on a DS that isn't MAX,
and without a step specified the different size graph is using different
resolution data, which has already been aggregated, do the peaks are
already gone.


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