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ian.gray at okieurope.com ian.gray at okieurope.com
Mon Jan 22 11:03:06 MET 2007

Hi Peter, 
Aha! Thanks for that - at least I kn= ow why it's not working now! 

I can use the --font option (and have done successfully), but as I have
about500 graphs I don't *really* want to have to (a) modify each of those
config lines, and (b) add that much extra data to the batch file that runs.
That, after all, is the beauty of a "default"! 

Is there any way of getting either a simple config file that is read
dynamically, or else having someone point me to a "dummies guide to
compilingRRDTool etc for Windows"? 


Ian K Gray
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Peter Valdemar M=F8rc= h <swp5jhu02 at sneakemail.com> 

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Subject Re: [rrd-users] Fw: Cha= nging default font on a Windows system 

Hi Ian,

.h files are *only* read during compilation ( or your system would 
surely slow to a crawl! :D )

What's wrong with the --font option to rrdgraph?
--font DEFAULT:0:/usr/lib/fonts/times.ttf


ian.gray-at-okieurope.com |Lists| wrote:
>Further to this... I have a feeling this may be related to the hideous= 
>question of compiling. Is the config.h file read every time the program is
>executed, or is it only read during compilation? If the latter, I'm
>Bear in mind that as a Windows type, I'm not used to compiling program= s
>before use - wouldn't have the first clue how to. This has always been a
>source of great confusion with open source stuff, as so much of it (great
>software nonetheless) assumes that you're a command line C programmer
>workingon Unix... 8-( 
>Can anyone help me? 
>Ian K Gray
>OEL IS - European Infrastructure Support
>Tel: +44 1236 502661
>Mob: +44 7881 518854 
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>19/01/2007 18:37 To "rrd-users" <rrd-users at list.ee.ethz.c= h> cc Subject
>Changing default font on a Windows system 
>I'm trying to change the default font on a Windows RRD system. I go to
>c:\rrdtools\rrdtool\confignt\config.h, and change the line 
>        #define RRD=5FDEFAULT=5FFONT "cour.tt= f" 
>        #define RRD=5FDEFAULT=5FFONT "c:\winn= t\fonts\verdana.ttf" 
>The result? Bugger all. Fonts still appear in Courier. Have I missed a
>Do I need to do something with that config.h file after I've changed it? I
>can change the font successfully for an individual graph, but not the
>Using v1.2rc6. 
>What am I doing wrong... 
>Ian K. Gray - sent via Blackberry 
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Peter Valdemar M=F8rch

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