[rrd-users] Formating legend problem

Valentinos Charalambous v4lentinos at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 30 12:08:15 CET 2007

Hi, i  would like some help on the following:

Say we are using rrdtool to create graphs for a number of variables lets say 
3 out of 10  which are updated on a regular base and their values change.  
All the variables are numbers and the 3 highest are selected dynamically for 
the creation of the graph.
Now in the legend of the graph, i could not find a way to keep it pretty 
since the variables change every 10 mins and they are placed from the 
highest to the lowest.

variables can be:

                             MAX   MIN   AVERAGE   CURRENT
abcd                  9          7           8                 9
abcdefghi               5            4           5               5
a                 2             2        2        2

After 10mins the variables can be replaced by others(for example 'abcdefghi' 
could be replaced by 'ab' resulting the numbers to change position), so even 
if u format it well the first time using spaces it wont help.
Is there a way to keep the legend pretty?

thank you

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