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grick at autistici.org grick at autistici.org
Wed Jul 4 10:01:57 CEST 2007

Hi people,

    i have a weird problem with rrdtool graphs. Sometimes ( and when i say sometimes i mean for ten minutes/day )
	my monthly graph of the traffic looks like an "histogram".

	This is an image of the "squared" graph:


	And this is an image of the graph as it has to be:


	I'm creating this graphs with perl using the RRDs module. This is
	the creation string:


	And this is the output of 'rrdtool info 80.rrd':


	I use rrdtool/librrd 1.2.15-03 on Debian Etch. 

	Yesterday on #rrdtool channel octo suggests may be a problem with
	the rrdtool automatic selection of the best fit RRA. 

	To test if this idea is correct i have forced the correct RRA with the
	'--step' switch, but because of the random nature of the problem,
	all i can do is wait to see if it appears again.

	Thanks in advance for your help,

	Giuseppe R.

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