[rrd-users] Sampling at a higher rate than "step"

Wolfgang Powisch (privat) powo at powo.priv.at
Thu Jul 5 12:22:50 CEST 2007

Am 01.06.2007 15:50, Tobias Oetiker schrieb:
> Hi Everton,
> no there is no problem with this. you can feed as often as you
> want.

Is there any detailed documentation about how "calculation" is
done in this case?

a.) Will the values be averaged ?
b.) will this allow to get 1min maximum if I create
     a MAX-RRA on the finest RRA ?

thx in advance , Wolfgang

BTW: I'm planning to have two redundant pollers feeding
      the same rrd-files (with a DB-Cluster as a layer between)
      in a 5min interval ... this will result in two updates
      per "step". Any comments on this idea are wolcome ;-)

> tobi
> Today Everton da Silva Marques wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is there any undesired side effect from
>> feeding rrd archive at a rate higher than
>> the specified "step"?
>> I mean, what if I feed a 300-sec-step
>> database at 60-sec intervals?
>> Please advise.
>> Thanks,
>> Everton
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