[rrd-users] consolidation or no consolidation?

KOZMAN Balint qzy at imind.hu
Mon Jul 16 14:09:20 CEST 2007

Hi Alex,

thanks for your answer.

> if you have 400 pixels, and if you have 800 rows to display,
> how is rrdtool going to display unconsolidated data? It isn't!

Well, on the presentation side (regarding rrdgraph) I can ensure, that
number of values to be presented will fit. To be more precise, I have a
worker thread somewhere which inserts recently collected data to the rrd
on a 10 sec period, having only 1 DS in the rrd. Now, when drawing a graph
of the last 1 minute of this DS, all I have is exactly 6 entries in the
rrd. Thus I'd like to see those values on the graph, and not something
that just compares to them somehow. Obviously when graphing a month-long
period, I would like to see consolidated data as that's the only thing I
can expect.
So what parameters should I use during rrd creation to get this? A small
example would help a lot.

> And make sure you understand the difference between normalization
> and consolidation.  Step/heartbeat/xff have to do with other stuff
> than consolidation.

That's right, I'm still not sure about the difference and the relation
between them, so will look into your docs as well.


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