[rrd-users] Not corect numbers in rrd ?

VladoPortos vladoportos at bancodata.eu
Mon Jun 18 06:21:56 CEST 2007

Hi all,

i made a graph which show online users and getting data from mysql and so

but when i look on what data are feeded to rrd they look like this:

58 38

and in rrd it looks like this:

1182109560: 5.8000000000e+01 3.7985531650e+01

But in graph last values are 58 (OK) and second one is 37 ( not OK )

rrd db look like this

rrdtool.create(cesta, '--step', '120', 'DS:ali_online:GAUGE:240:0:1000',
'DS:hord_online:GAUGE:240:0:1000', 'RRA:LAST:0.5:1:240')

### Its in python script and it updating db every 2min and should keep
data for 8hours ( no average or anything just curent data )

and my graphs parameters look like this:

def graf(spolu):
        cas = strftime("%a, %d %b %Y %H\:%M\:%S")
        rrdtool.graph(obr_cesta, '--width', '510',
                        '--height', '130',
                        '--imgformat', 'PNG',
                        '--base', '1000',
                        '--vertical-label', 'Online players',
                        '--x-grid', 'MINUTE:10:HOUR:1:HOUR:1:0:%H:%M',
                        '--color', 'FONT#A0A0A0',
                        '--color', 'BACK#272727',
                        '--color', 'CANVAS#3C333C',
                        '--color', 'SHADEB#333333',
                        '--color', 'SHADEA#707070',
                        '--color', 'FONT#AAAAAA',
                        '--start', '-8h', '-e', '-300',
                        '--lower-limit', '0',
                        'COMMENT:                          Maximum      
Priemer        Aktualne \\n',
                        'AREA:ali_online#3574ECC0:Aliancie Online:STACK',
                        'GPRINT:ali_online:AVERAGE:    %8.0lf',
                        'GPRINT:ali_online:LAST:     %8.0lf%s\\n',
                        'AREA:hord_online#E55451C0:Hordy Online:STACK',
                        'GPRINT:hord_online:MAX:   %8.0lf',
                        'GPRINT:hord_online:AVERAGE:    %8.0lf',
                        'GPRINT:hord_online:LAST:     %8.0lf\\n',
                        'COMMENT:                                  ',
                        'COMMENT: \:\:Gbely ON\:\: All online players\:

But its show wrong data i gues its in parts "%8.0lf\\n'"  <-- no idea what
is this, or RRA:LAST:0.5:1:240  (what for is 0.5 there ?)

Any idea what im doing wrong ?

Thank you and best regards

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