[rrd-users] Problems using a bare timespec with -s and -e

Pedro LaWrench pedrolawrench at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 2 01:02:32 CET 2007

I have not seen mention of this problem in the archives.  I used  to be able to specify start and end times such as '09:15' or '09:15  today'.  This worked in 1.2.15.  Now in 1.2.19, this does not  work.  Something like
  rrdtool graph /tmp/kc.png -i -s '01:15' -e '09:15' ...
  now returns
  ERROR: start time: the specified time is incorrect (out of range?)
  So I copied parsetime.c from 1.2.15 into the build tree of 1.2.19, recompiled, and now this works.
  Is this intended behavior?  Just a bare time (HH:MM) should work, as this is a valid AT-time specification.
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