[rrd-users] Fetching from the beginning of an RRD file

Taisuke Yamada tyamadajp at list.rakugaki.org
Tue Mar 6 02:36:42 CET 2007

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# I'm resending this as my first post was rejected (I was using
# gmane and was not subscribed). Excuse me if this is a duplicate.

> No, it fails because there is no store containing data going back
> that far - so the only thing it can do is fail. The only other option
> would be to return a very large number of 'unknown' values to to make
> stuff up !

Last time I checked rrd_fetch.c, rrdtool never fails to return
data if selected CF does exist in RRD. Even when there is no
"full match", rrdtool always falls back to "partial match" mode
and works as described in latter.

The problem he's experiencing is that "-s 0" is simply invalid
because it's way too small and is not seen as "UNIX time" by rrdtool.
Specifying "0" in this context simply means "00:00" due to
"at"-style time specification handling.

AFAIK, oldest "UNIX time" rrdtool accepts is 315360001, and
officially, rrdtool only support time after 1980. So try doing

  # fetch data since 1980
  rrdtool foo.rrd AVERAGE -s '19800101 00:00'

and you should see complete data since the beginning.
Just discard all preceding "nan"s to keep only actual data.
This should be a fairly trivial.

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