[rrd-users] cannot update

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Tue Mar 13 10:47:00 CET 2007

zura baizura wrote:

>i want to update data using script but when i run the
>script the actual data=1173773814 , is not in the
>range date(1173773700  and 1173774000).
>do u have idea about how to fix my script so that the
>date can update with the actual time.

Unfortunately I left my crystal ball at home so I've no idea what 
your script is ! You are asking people to help you fix a script when 
they don't know what OS, what language, or even ANY clues about what 
you have written - so the answer is a resounding NO.

Now, if you were to post some details, such as what OS you are using, 
what version of the rrd tool you are using, what language (and 
version if neccessary) you are using AND the actual script - then, 
and only then, could anyone have a chance of helping you.

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