[rrd-users] ERROR: not a simple integer: '1.28492261154E+012'

Uwe.us.Schreiber at DaimlerChrysler.com Uwe.us.Schreiber at DaimlerChrysler.com
Tue Mar 13 13:20:07 CET 2007

hi everybody,

i'am monitoring the port-traffic of multiple McData ED6140 SAN-Directors 
using Cacti and RRDTool 1.2.15 on a Windows 2003 server .
i'am using the pre-compiled version of RRDTool from 

subsequently i'am receiving messages like "ERROR: not a simple integer: 
'1.28492261154E+012' " when Cacti wants to update a rrd-file.
the graph will not be updated until i clear the counters on the McData 
director itself. after setting the counters on the director to zero the
graph will be updated until the "ERROR: not a simple integer: ?????" is 
displayed during Cacti poller cycles again.

this happens to multiple ports dependend on the amount of traffic either 
transfered or received by the port.
and the situation is the same when i try to update the rrd by hand using 
"rrdtool update ......." with a different timestamp, but the same values
for the fields rxelement and txelement.

i already found some posts in the web, with a similar error, where a 
update to version 1.2.18 fixed the problem.
but where can i get a pre-compiled version 1.2.18 of RRDTool?

any hints ??
thanx i advance



during creation of the rrd-file i specified a allowed maximum value of 
"9999999999999999999"  which was re-calculated by Cacti to a 
max. value of "9223372036854775807"

here is an output of "rrdtool info" based as an example how all other 
rrd's where created.

filename = "nacos-dir02_port32_s96na11-2_txelement.rrd"
rrd_version = "0003"
step = 300
last_update = 1173693305
ds[rxelement].type = "DERIVE"
ds[rxelement].minimal_heartbeat = 600
ds[rxelement].min = 0.0000000000e+000
ds[rxelement].max = 9.2233720369e+017
ds[rxelement].last_ds = "28733357576"
ds[rxelement].value = NaN
ds[rxelement].unknown_sec = 5
ds[txelement].type = "DERIVE"
ds[txelement].minimal_heartbeat = 600
ds[txelement].min = 0.0000000000e+000
ds[txelement].max = 9.2233720369e+017
ds[txelement].last_ds = "6.86636875828E+012"
ds[txelement].value = NaN

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