[rrd-users] Bits to Bytes.. trying to figure out what's happening

Dan Cech dcech at phpwerx.net
Mon Mar 19 14:31:42 CET 2007

Westlake, Simon wrote:
> In my gig test yesterday, I was hitting between 930 and 970 megs per
> second on the packet generator, and the 5 minute input/output rate on
> the switch interface confirmed this to be accurate. However, my graphs
> show anywhere between 100 and 115 megs. At first, I wondered if it was
> some type of 'MaxBytes' problem in MRTG, so I changed that value to a
> very large amount and it didn't rectify it. I then realized that 115
> megabytes was ~964 megabit.


~115Mbps is also around the point where you'll max out 32bit SNMP
counters with a 1 minute polling interval, as you'll have multiple
rollovers per minute.

Are you using 32bit or 64bit (SNMPv2c ifHCInOctets & ifHCOutOctets)
counters?  If you're not using 64bit counters I'd recommend switching to
them and suspect it would solve your problem.


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