[rrd-users] trigger an alert?

John Conner bs7799 at gmail.com
Fri May 4 16:41:27 CEST 2007

Hey Sven , thank you very much for you detailed information, I spent a few
hours going thought some documents about aberrant yesterday and feel better

My current rrdtool is at version 1.0.49, which even does not support
"updatev" argument, so I am not sure what the different between "update" and
"updatev" will be,  will install rrdtool-1.2.19 today and do some test.

Thanks again!


On 5/3/07, Sven Ulland <sveniu at opera.com> wrote:
> Next, to actually have it report aberrant behaviour in real-time,
> as opposed to post-mortem, you'll need a wrapper script to run
> 'rrdtool updatev' and parse the output. There are probably fancy
> bindings in perl for this, or some other graceful way of doing it.
> My way is a quick python script that parses the output looking for
> 'FAILURES', and then determining if the corresponding value is
> greater than 0.0.
> Well, that's pretty much it. Good luck!
> Sven
> >>     I use the aberrant behaviour detection in rrdtool and I find
> >>     it quite handy. To detect problems, i use the 'rrdtool updatev'
> >>     command, which will output FAILURE=1.0 (different syntax), if
> >>     it detects failures. FAILURE=0.0 if not. In other words, I parse
> >>     the output of the command, and trigger alerts based on it. You
> >>     should probably implement a wrapper around the parsing/alarming,
> >>     so that you won't get flooded with mails/SMS messages every five
> >>     minutes while a deviation is happening.
> >>
> >>     Sven
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