[rrd-users] Getting average for a month from rrd file with no sd's

J Bell JB at zeugmasystems.com
Mon May 14 20:06:35 CEST 2007

Hi folks,


I'm new to the wonderful world of munin and rrdtool. I'm tearing my hair
out trying to do what looks simple--get a single number showing me an
average for a whole month of data. For example:


rrdtool fetch puma-iostat-dev22_0_read-d.rrd AVERAGE --start 20070401
--end 20070430 -r 2764800


This outputs 32 lines, in spite of a resolution of 32 days. I could use
Excel or whatever to average those figures, but I'm not sure I'm getting
the right data to begin with. I've tried variations with rrdtool graph
instead, and that's even harder, as the file (according to rrdtool info)
has no ds's at all.


Again, my intention is simply, for a given variable, get its average
over a month's worth of data. Does anyone know the right way to do that?




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