[rrd-users] Correction of wrong system date in rrd database

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Wed May 16 15:09:33 CEST 2007

Ing. R. Neuhold wrote:
>As newbee to Mrtg and the mailing list I may ask a question, which has been
>answered already but I could not find information.
>There was Mrtg running perfectly on a Linux Fedora machine.
>The system was replaced and the configuration "moved" to another one with
>same duty.
>Due to a mistake System time was set somewhere in Oct. 2007 and data
>capturing continued wit this wrong setting.
>Now I discovered that and set date correctly, what can I do now with the DB.

1) Just wait until October when RRD will start updating properly 
again and you'll have a gap in the data.

2) Just create a new empty database and start collecting data from now.

3) Dump the data, remove everything later than 'today', re-import it 
into a clean database - and have a gap from when you switched systems 
until 'now'.

4) Dump the data as above, but salvage 'future' data and correct it's 
date. You'll still end up with some small gaps and blips and it's 
going to be 'more interesting' to do. Also, you will still lose 
historical data as all consolidations will have been aged according 
to the 'future' date - thus a one year consolidation will not have 
data before last October

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