[rrd-users] Time axis: how to print date instead of week number

David Ball davidtball at gmail.com
Sat May 19 17:45:44 CEST 2007

  Hi Sven.  You're looking for the --x-grid parameter in the 'rrdtool
graph' command.  See:

   For example, you might use something like:
--x-grid DAY:1:DAY:7:DAY:2:86400:%d

   will print 1 minor grid line (thin vertical line) every day, a
major grid line (thicker vertical line) every 7 days, so the space
between any two vertical grid lines is 1 day's worth of data.  It will
also print the day of the month (numeric, since I specified %d) every
2nd day, and will centre that label beneath the space for that day
(the 86400 parameter controls this).  I specified every 2nd day
because doing it for every day might clutter your x-axis labels.
  Check the docs though, as there are plenty of nifty things you can do with it.


On 5/19/07, Sven Ubik <ubik at cesnet.cz> wrote:
> Hi,
> I cannot find if it possible to change format of date & time printed
> automatically below the time axis.
> Particularly, when the graphs shows period of several weeks, the time axis
> prints "Week 25 Week 26 ...", it is hard to imagine which week it was. Day
> and month would be clearer.
> Sven Ubik
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